Thursday, April 15, 2010

God Has REALLY Good Hearing

As in, sometimes he hears things you've only thought about and not yet verbalized. :-)

So, obviously, it's been awhile since I've posted anything here. A brief recap of the downward spiral that was my personal life: In mid-November a sleepy driver crashed into and totaled both my car and my husband's. A week later I came down with H1N1. Ten days after that, my husband came down with it, too. Two weeks later we flew to Ecuador to visit my parents, and - while we had a great time - my poor spouse picked up a weird intestinal bug. Once back in the US and beginning a new year, we had to buy cars. STRESS! At the beginning of February my dearest darling had his first (and hopefully only) experience with a kidney stone. A few weeks later he had a wisdom tooth pulled. Meanwhile, life at school was getting progressively more tense as we neared the beginning of state standardized testing (grrrr......) All of which culminated in my Heavenly Father speaking to me through my best friend (another post) and me going to the doctor and trying out antidepressants.

(Note: as a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 3 1/2 I firmly and fully believe that modern medicine is a gift from God and that he gives us the tools we need to fight - and WIN - our personal battles. It's our choice which to pick up and use, just as David had the choice to use the stones when he went up against Goliath.) is very, very good, and I am richly blessed. I've been thinking recently that I want to be more involved in serving others in general and also in our congregation, but I hadn't said anything about my thoughts.

Well, last week the Bishop came over to visit, (and I'm clueless enough that I really thought he was just visiting. Doh.) and he extended a new calling to me. I accepted, and spent the rest of the week musing. On Sunday morning I thought to myself "I should probably pray for personal confirmation about this", but really, I didn't need it. When I started to pray I told Heavenly Father I felt like I should seek confirmation, because, you know, it's just what you do, and then I said "But I don't need further confirmation, because I KNOW the ponderings of my heart were heard and that Thou gave me this calling because it's what I need right now."

Since I'm not sure this makes any sense, let me sum it up: Heavenly Father knows you, fully and intimately, and He knows what you want and what you need. And He provides.

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